Top 6 Best FREE Android Emulators For PC 2018

Top 6 Best FREE Android Emulators For PC 2018

In this Windows video we will be taking a look at what I think are the top 6 best Android Emulators of 2018 for your Windows PC all these android emulators are great and worth giving a try if you are struggling to find a good one. They all come with lot`s of settings you can adjust to make the android games run a lot smoother on your computer.

Andy Android Emulator Download Link –

Bluestacks Android Emulator Download Link –

Droid4X Android Emulator Download Link –

KOPlayer Android Emulator Download Link –

NoxPlayer6 Android Emulator Download Link –

MEmu Android Emulator Download Link –

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  1. Hi, i’m very new to gaming, and i like the look of this game. I’m using a pc but I cant work out how to control the car with a keybored. My apologies if this is a dum question, but like I said I am new to this…

  2. i dont know but with bluestacks you can use your controller to play this driving game. just saw it. i dont have a controller my self. but if you have try it.

  3. the only sad part is that some of the japanese games just doesn’t work on any of these emulators bcuz their games are just way too advanced for emulators to run them

  4. Installed memu player andriod version 5.1 and Nox with andriod 5.1 upgrade. Now I an happy with nox because it doesn’t lag. Games playing on nox :
    Guns of boomPubg (speed light and quantum version )
    Rules of survival.

  5. I’m trying to find one that will work on an old computer running windows vista but can’t find one

  6. is it possible to to do facebook live from android emulator? I have tried to go live from various emulator but it says “Can’t continue live broadcast please try latter” Do you know any solution? thanks.

  7. I’m just looking for a emulator that don’t need the best graphics cards to run. I just want a emulator that can run android apps, without the games. Is There any out there???

  8. I have a problem with Andyroid, whenever I install it suddenly disappears from my computer.The emulator is still on my programs list and also has the size of the program as well. So all I wan’t to know is how do I flipping install Andy without that happening?Or just tell me where Andy executive is. Thank you for your time

  9. i cant play bluestacks . when i am opening it. it is written
    bluestacks3 has stopped working
    can anyone help

  10. MEmu left an application on my computer called MEmuSVC and well, you cant open it or remove it because the pc detected it was currently still running even if the app has been uninstalled. Had to remove it by restarting the computer and deleting it before it started. (But you cant actually open it, it just runs on its own, scary right?)

    Bluestacks just lags so much and is the slowest to run. Its unreliable.

    Noxplayer ruined my computer when I started using the first 20 mins on it, left my screen hanging for some reason. I had to force shutdown my computer twice as it hanged in less than 1 minute after the second time I booted.

    I have really lost hope in these 3 emulators. Any other well deserved try’s for an android emulator? My PC isn’t even crap, Quad core intel core2 (quad) with some intel motherboard idk the model…

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