Top 3 Best FREE Gameboy Advance Emulators For Windows 2018!

Top 3 Best FREE Gameboy Advance Emulators For Windows 2018!

In this Windows 10 Tutorial I will be showing you what I think are the best 3 Gameboy Advance Emulators for Windows all these Gameboy emulators are great and worth giving a try!

Do you know a better Gameboy Advance Emulator comment below.

Visual Boy Advance Download Link –

NO$GBA Download Link –

BizHawk Download Link –

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  1. I’ve been using VBA since i was 10 im 18 now and this is still my number 1 gameboy emulator and highly recommend i also just prefer the GUI in the VBA very cleanly presented.

  2. The best GBA emulator is actually mGBA (both on Windows and Wii), which is still being updated by the way.
    I feel like you literally used as reference that old website that comes up as second result if you look up “game boy advance emulators” on google.
    I don’t want to sound rude or stuff, but you should do a proper research next time.

    Update: ah and if you wanted to know, the best GB/C emulator is BGB.
    It’s the most accurate one out there (the other ones such as VBA usually unbalances the audio channels)

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