How To Run Bluestacks 3 Faster 2018 | Fix Lag and Improve Performance Easy

How To Run Bluestacks 3 Faster 2018 | Fix Lag and Improve Performance Easy

In this Windows tutorial I will be showing you how to make Bluestacks 3 run 100% faster with a few little tweaks you will be running all your android games in Bluestacks 3 with no lag or FPS drop.

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About Bluestacks 3:
BlueStacks 3 has been in development for several years and is ready for you to start using today. It allows you to play android games with your mouse and keyboard to make you more competitive in your gameplay. You’ll be able to play in high definition with your monitor and use ANY app with BlueStacks 3.

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  1. I did it all but still lag for my shadow fight 3 so i dont know how to do i dont did the last part

  2. Plz help. Im playing critical ops and have everything maz in bluestacks settings. For some reason im getting 40-50 fps although my PC can even run pubg. WTF

  3. Had the same problem and is solved very easy.

    1. Disable your better graphics card and use intel integrated graphics, assign bluestacks as enery saver in nvidia or amd settings.
    2. Open bluestacks always as administrator, don’t mess with other hd-player.exe or so, not needed.
    3. Enable all threads (coresx2), and as ram isn’t needed that much lower it to 2,5-3GB.

    This all solved the problem of lagging, and there aren’t any crashes anymore. So you have to actually downgrade


  4. IDK if this question sounds stupid but is there a way to go back from BlueStacks N to BlueStacks 3? Because when I downloaded the N version it became slower and I tried uninstalling the program and download the 3 version but it didn’t work. Can you help me?

  5. fuck it im installing old bluestacks, that had no lag whatsoever. doesent make sence, clash of clans lags like hell but world of tanks doesent lag on top quality, bluestacks never used to lag and i have not updated or changed it since

  6. my blue stack will not show the game and my app and help center i dk why pls help cuz i want to play critical ops on bluestack

  7. When i open BS3 instead of home screen appears a tab that says “setup” and something is loading and says “one sec……” please someone help me to fix that

  8. I am having an old pc…i have bluestacks 3…my ram in pc is 2gb my open gl version is 1.4 and my directx version is 10..i am trying to open pubg..but ut says u have to update ur graphic card…actually i have intel gma and not intel hd graphics..My intel gma is fully updated..can u tell me how to overcome the problem

  9. This shit app still bogs down my PC and Im running an 8-core 4.5ghz with 32gb ram. I have NO idea why it runs like total ass but its damn annoying. Id use Nox more if theyd fix the bugs.

  10. Hey, when i play games in bluestacks, the vertical sensibility is very low, but in in horizontal is very high, do you know how to fix it?

  11. I have a question and please reply whenever I play pubg mobile on pc I press f1 and then I could move my camera using my mouse but if I go to the right or left using my mouse then for some reason it stops after a few seconds and then I press f1 again and then when I start to move my camera it keeps going but is there a way where I could freely just move the mouse instead of having to press f1 over and over again just to move my camera

  12. my problem at bluestacks its no stronger and the sound has changed and the music has changed what i will do with this problem

  13. nothing useful here, steps that doesn’t matter and already there but in different route. Stop wasting peoples time.

  14. I have the issue where, random intervals my cpu goes to 100% and my computer is slow and freezes. I either have to click the reset button on my tower or wait for it to responded usually takes 5 minutes. Then, go into my task manager and end blue stacks process and restart the emulator…..anyone have this issue and if you know a fix please tell me thanks

  15. The application priority doesn’t have anything to do with “more memory” and only slightly optimizes CPU performance if you’re using other CPU-intensive apps at the same time as Bluestacks.

    Setting the priority to “above normal” will just ensure that the CPU resource calls for the bluestacks app gets the resources first in the queue before other applications asking for CPU resources. If you just close out those other CPU-intensive apps instead, you’ll be doing yourself as much bigger favor AND will increase the memory available to the bluestacks app. Setting priority doesn’t do both.

    That said, Bluestacks comes with its own memory usage limits, and you’d be much better off completely ignoring a tutorial like this and just using an app like BSTweaker to give the app the memory it needs with the best possible OS. That, and enabling virtualization in the BIOS – and DISABLING the limitations to VT tech in software like Avast.

  16. Thank you for this. I had already gone through several other (even official) tutorials to no avail. Setting the priority above normal did it.

  17. bluestack android version?

    bluestack version

    do u check. lifr is strange support to ur bluestack

    i have 4 gb ram. can i scroll up 2000mb. like urs.

  18. Is 16 seconds start up on bluestacks good? And can I use more than 8 cores and more than 4 Gb, it’s not letting me choose more.

  19. You allso forgot a major one setting display select 720p aspect ratio and put the dpi to low 160dpi super usefull for a big BOOST

  20. Sir whenever i play rules of survival on bluestack 3n. It always say display driver amd driver stopped responding and automatically recover

    Amda8 6600 with 8470 hd graphics
    Windows 7
    8gb ram

  21. Wuttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt5 it’s gonna take away all my mbs really I didn’t even understand this

  22. When i used 4 gb ram and 4 cores the blue stacks lag tooooo much when i used normal setting 2gb ram and 2 cores the pc stops lagging what is the prob here note i have 8 core cpu core i7

  23. No More Avast!
    1.It Will Bring Me More Freakin Viruses
    2.Just Use Microsoft Threaths And VIruses
    3.Then Have Fun:D
    4.Play Games
    6.Ok Thats it >:(

  24. it doesn’t work on my laptop, I install and uninstall it many times now. when I try to set it up
    it always ended up saying I cant connect to google servers. idrk what to do help 🙁

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