How To Root BlueStacks 3 Latest Version 3.56 Easy Tutorial 2018

How To Root BlueStacks 3 Latest Version 3.56 Easy Tutorial 2018

In this Windows Tutorial I will be showing you how easy it is to root your version of BlueStacks 3 in this video we are using BlueStacks version 3.56 but the same process will apply for all versions of BlueStacks.

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About BlueStacks 3:
BlueStacks 3 has been in development for several years and is ready for you to start using today. It allows you to play android games with your mouse and keyboard to make you more competitive in your gameplay. You’ll be able to play in high definition with your monitor and use ANY app with BlueStacks 3.

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  1. hi bro .thank you ,your video is great help for me .
    but i have a question ,my friend can run the bluestack tv (it help you to stream from bluestack )from a small icon near account icon on top right of bluestack .its look like my bluestack dont have that icon (and you too ,i guess )so if you know how to start the bluestack tv ,can you please tell me ? thank you very much .have a good day 😀 .

  2. Hello i am in need of some help so after ive done everything you did im loading it and it wont load the last quarter of the ”starting engines” any idea why ?

  3. work 100% thank you very much
    You are the only one who could help me well done thank you again

  4. I am getting a “Bluestacks not installed (registry)” dialog box upon opening BSTweaker, even after running it in administrator mode. I have the latest version of Bluestacks installed.

  5. You’re making this vid step by step and so easy to follow. Thank you so much:) it’s so simple to follow you XD thanks again 🙂

  6. Oops it says false now 🙁 why…. (a few minutes later) hey guys! Try to unpatch and patch button 🙂 the problem is solved !

  7. Love you man … thank you very much i have even subscribed!!! please keep making good and real videos for us all.. thank you very much man…

  8. Been trying to root BS for a while. KingRoot and BSTweaker3 never worked for me. Waking up today to a sponsored BlueStacks ad on my desktop really pissed me off. *BSTweaker4 just worked like a charm on PC.* Allowed me to install AdFree, my fav android adblock program. BTW, I installed BSTweaker4 as Admin.

  9. thanks man worked like a charm
    this maynot work for some due to version of each program used if it doesnt work simply contact a developer or leave your specs down below to help someone else devise a solution or see if there is compatibility issues

  10. that’s like the best tutorial I’ve ever seen – it works, it’s short and clear, and it’s nicely edited (no BS)

  11. Thanks it works and im not a bot go commit die 🙂 no seriously lucky patcher is being shit right now so im trying to get game guardian and it said i needed to root so thanks i subbed

  12. Brooo thanks so much the only reason I’m doing this is so that I don’t have to spend $1k on the new note 9 to get the damn Galaxy skin in Fortnite

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