How To Install PUBG MOBILE 0.5.0 To BlueStacks 3 | Play New Miramar Desert Map On PUBG Mobile

How To Install PUBG MOBILE 0.5.0 To BlueStacks 3 | Play New Miramar Desert Map On PUBG Mobile

In this BlueStacks 3 Tutorial I will be showing you how to install PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 this is the latest update and it includes the new Miramar Desert Map.

Play the new PUBG Mobile Miramar Desert Map in BlueStacks 3 Today!

PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 Download Link:

About The New PUBG Mobile 0.5.0 Update:
– Miramar Desert Map.
– FPP – First person prespective mode (not available).
– Switch between FPP and TPP – third person prespective mode (not available).
– Quick team feature – enter 6 Digitt code to team up with friends.
– Synergy and connection to interact with friends.
– Now you can choose your region and flag.
– Secret stash to purchase doecial discounted items.
– Sounds – now you can hear sounds of ocean, while walking on grass.
– Glass windows on houses.
– Log in with twitter.
– Fixed microphone not working issue.
– Improved graphics.
– New sawed off shotgun.
– R45 revolver.
– New vehicles.
– Samurai sword.
– More new rifles.

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  1. so i updated my PUBG Mobile, but ever since this version is online somehow a few things don’t work (well). For example using “freelook” while running (normally press V), then i cant use my mouse to look anymore. also throwing nades i cant use the mouse to look (So it only throws straight forward).
    Does this have anything to do with that BlueStack needs an update or ??

  2. I’ve got a notification saying “this is lowered version of pc designed for smartphones and your device is not supported” help me fix this pls.

  3. Have an issue by using “freelook” as well…btw, pls share if there’s any solution that could be ‘bypass’ the emulator detection, looking forward to your next video. thanks.

  4. I have installed the latest version of BlueStacks and pubg but they are showing that your device is not supported yet …what should I do

  5. hey it’s a Detailed Quick video I liked it. I have installed same version of blue stack and the PUBG 0.5.0 after setup and login it says “Currently your device is not supported we will add it soon.”

    how to fix this ??

  6. Thank You sir.I was getting problems in installation through play store and wasted my net pack. Then i saw your video and it helped me a lot.Now its downloading and i hope it runs.Thank you so much.

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