BlueStacks vs NoxPlayer PUBG Benchmark Test | Which Android Emulator Is Going To Win!

BlueStacks vs NoxPlayer PUBG Benchmark Test | Which Android Emulator Is Going To Win!

In this Windows video we will be taking a look at the 2 best android emulators on Windows and putting them to the test to see which one really does give us the best FPS and lag free when playing the newest game PUBG also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The 2 android emulators used in this benchmark video are BlueStacks + N and NoxPlayer6. I ran both emulators on the settings and also the in game graphics for PUBG was set to the same.

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Download NoxPlayer 6 Here:

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  1. You can’t change quality because nox is running Android 4.4 by default. You can download nox with 5.1 android in multi-nox and redo this comparison. But you don’t have to, nox even with 5.1 android still stutter the most of time. Give a try to Memu, I was playing smoothly with that emulator, and nice to see if memu can beat bluestack or not

  2. When I set it up with bluestack ingame when I was moving mouse around every now and again it stopped and had to press RMB couple of time and it usually helped but that made it unplayable. How come you did not face this issue?

  3. I run Bluestacks on a GTX 1080 and still get lag. one thing to note is in your nox player you had over 200ping and in bluestacks you had around 30ping, meaning you were on a much more laggy server on nox which is likely why you saw lag.

  4. Woah, how do you run so smoothly? I have a pc that can run black ops 3 without any problems but its laggy on pubg on both bluestacks and nox

  5. NOX is limited to 26 FPS which you have to unlock for a fair benchmark. You have to change the configuration file of PUBG Mobile manually since you can’t select high fps from PUBG settings when using nox, but once you unlock it, it hits 60FPS in 10 yrs old pc without any problems in directx mode. So NOX is better if you know how to use it and BlueStacks is better if you’re incompetent with technology.

  6. Grat video dude!

    But I want to say that, to be exactly “FAIR” with the tests, like it would be in a real gaming situation, I think it would be better testing one at a time; waiting to clear ram, lower temps on cpu/gpu if necessary, so it would be the exact same case, I dunno, just an opinion 🙂

  7. You can enable HD in PUBG with Nox. Just enable root mode. Download GLtools and choose the GPU of your choice. Open pubg and you will find that you can set the graphics to max. You can also set graphics to low using GLtools to increase frame rate and reduce lag, but you’ll have to sacrifice resolution. Alternatively you can try to change the tablet model from the Nox settings. I got a frame rate of 40FPS with HD after tweaking which is good enough for a smooth gameplay. I prefer Nox because unlike BS it is not bloated with extra apps or features which I don’t need, it’s clean and lean. It also gives me so much freedom to fiddle with the system settings, something that Bluestack does not offer. Even the control mapping is better than BlueStacks because it is so customisable. As a pure android user Nox is my favourite. P.S: You cannot use GLtools in BS because Bluestacks does not allow rooting. That’s the beauty of Nox.

  8. My PUBG mobile on bluestacks runs like NoxPlayer (not constant 30 fps). Help! My specs are 7700HQ, 8GB RAM, GTX 1060 3GB

  9. can you tell me what would be the best settings for pubg on nox
    intel core i5-7300hq 2.5ghz with turbo boost 3.5ghz
    nvidia geforce gtx 1050 with 2gb gddr5 vram
    8 gb ram ddr4 memory

  10. How can i change pubg game resolution to full hd, but the blue stacks is set on 1080p
    But the game still doesn’t change to full hd

  11. *everyone go and download tencent gaming buddy it’s the best emulater which is only made for pubg and gives 60 fps*

  12. Try Tencent Gaming Buddy its created by the PuBg Mobile developers, its better than these two and i can get 60 fps on high on my Lenovo Z50-70 Laptop

  13. I tried the bluestacks 3N (last updated one) i got a black glitchy screen and im runing 60fps ultra high on nox player (its all about specs lolz)

  14. u know u dont have to see around by dragging mouse.just go to key mapping and there will be a special key for shooting games which will help u to play like pubg pc

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