BlueStacks vs MEMU PUBG MOBILE Benchmark Test | Which Android Emulator Is Going To Win!

BlueStacks vs MEMU PUBG MOBILE Benchmark Test | Which Android Emulator Is Going To Win!

In this Windows video we will be taking a look at 2 android emulators on Windows and putting them to the test to see which one really does give us the best FPS and lag free when playing the newest game PUBG also known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The 2 android emulators used in this benchmark video are BlueStacks + N and MEMU PLAY. I ran both emulators on the settings and also the in game graphics for PUBG was set to the same.

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Download MEMU PLAY Here:

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  1. MEMU: Mouse controls doesn’t work well, low system requirements
    Bluestacks + N: Mouse works great but skips frames every 5 seconds…

    Core i5-3330 @3.00
    8GB RAM
    Zotac GTX1050

  2. Hey bud, nice channel you’ve got going on there, if you want to make a comparisson you will need:

    -Resource consumption data
    -Unlock 60fps on both using PUBG GFX tool
    -Notes about compatibility, crashes, frame drops, graphical Glitches, etc.

    For me, im gonna be giving BS a go and see how it holds up, i’ve already tested Memu and Nox, there was no match, Memu was overall much more stable and ran better, however, it has this werid glitch where some houses lose all their textures except for doors unless you adjust your camera at a certain angle

  3. i tried BS, Nox on my low spec old laptop i5, gt640m le. It lags a lot.. Then I tried Pheonix… it runs perfect. There are issues with pheonix, but it is way way better.

  4. which one is the best? in memu i encounter mouse problem, when i go desktop and go back into the game the mouse wont work 🙁 , any emulator recommend??

  5. Tencent is better from the 2 trust me i know i have low pc and i test it all tencent is the best

  6. tencent gaming buddy is the best in term of graphic of all emulator. But control and sensitivity vise bluestack is the best. For some reason Tencent gaming buddy control sensitivity is over the roof. can not get the sweet spot

  7. i saw lag in my use of bluestacks can’t believe MSI APP PLAYER is using it MEmu works on my APU A8 laptop too,

    TUF x58 MOBO LGA 1366
    Intel Core i7-760 with 4.0GHz overclock
    Radeon RX580(Overkill)
    22GB of Ripjaws DDR3 ram
    750W psu
    (open Air test bench)

  8. when i installed pubg on my PC for bluestack it says ” This app cannot run in this version of Bluestacks” why?

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